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Everything and everyone we love is at risk.

Let’s partner to do something about it – let’s bring Climate Action to the Big Screen!





Join The MOVIEMENT, a fictional narrative feature film and empowerment platform, to inspire and empower people to activate their power and take meaningful climate action.

Bringing Climate Action to the Big Screen!

Do you ever feel like screaming about the climate emergency?

A Message from the producer

Watch our video message from John Livermore, Founder of Healthy Home Healthy Planet and Writer/Producer of The MOVIEMENT, to learn more about the inspiration behind the project and how you can get involved. 

  • With our world teetering on the brink of runaway climate change, we must rapidly build a mass popular movement powerful enough to move our political and business leaders. 

  •  When you support the MOVIEMENT you’re investing in your family’s future on this planet and helping to create an unstoppable wave of people-powered climate action! 

The World Needs The MOVIEMENT

As an organization, partnering with the MOVIEMENT is a Win-Win-Win 

Strengthens your reputation for supporting innovative and impactful initiatives that creatively address the climate emergency.


Supports enhancing the emotional connection with your customers and stakeholders.


Secures marketing opportunities to promote your involvement in The MOVIEMENT which supports your Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG goals. 

Marketing Opportunities 

Let’s talk about how you can partner with The MOVIEMENT

Every great change throughout history has come from the people

– Greta Thunberg

We’ll keep you up to date on the status of the project  

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Our mission is a

Dr. Esther M. Pearson

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