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To produce the feature film and launch the empowerment platform to engage and inspire people to take meaningful action on the climate emergency. 

Our Mission

Move the Message 

Contact your elected officials and demand that they take immediate climate action – We make it easy! 

Move the Mandate 

Vote only for Climate First candidates in Federal and State elections – We make it easy! 

Move the Money 

Move your money out of fossil fuel companies and banks that support climate chaos and reinvest in alignment with your values – We show you how! 

Through The MOVIEMENT, we will reach millions of people in a new  way— on a highly personal and emotional level. More about the project »

We are near a tipping point, a point of no return, beyond which the built-in momentum and feedbacks will carry us to levels of climate change with staggering consequences for humanity and all of the residents of this planet.

– Dr. James Hansen, Former Director at NASA Goddard Institute

  • Our main job as parents is to keep our kids safe.  

  • Our main job as humans is to take care of each other and the planet. 

We urgently have to stop burning things! 

And we have until 2030 to be halfway through our transformation to a decarbonized world. 
So, we have a clear moral imperative to do everything in our power to make the bold, necessary changes needed to ensure a safe and healthy planet for our children and future generations. 

Read the IPCC AR6 Synthesis Report (March 2023) »

Our mission is a moral imperative.

Nonviolent protests are twice as likely to succeed as armed conflicts – and those engaging a threshold of 3.5% of the population have never failed to bring about change.  Learn more »

The 3.5% Rule

Empowering Change: Join the MOVIEMENT and Take Action On the Climate Emergency

Empowering people to take action

We are surrounded by overwhelming climate change documentaries, apocalyptic climate movies, frequent news of climate disasters, and increasingly urgent reports from climate scientists around the world - and many people feel powerless and unmotivated to take action.


The MOVIEMENT flips the paradigm and empowers people to align their actions with their values and take the 3 easy climate actions that target transformative systemic changes.

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