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We’re building the Moviement to create an unstoppable wave of motivated people taking action on the climate emergency – and we can’t do it without you!  

We need you




Empowering Transformative Climate Action Through Film


Please join our mission to create The Moviement, a full-length narrative feature film and Empowerment Platform, to ignite and empower people to take meaningful action on the climate emergency!

The Moviement flips the paradigm and empowers people to align their actions with their values

and take 3 easy climate actions that target transformative systemic changes.

Let's Partner to Make this Movie Together!

Camera Operator

$5k - Legal costs to set up film project LLC and film contracts 

$5k - Interview and hire Producer & Director

$5k - Solidify partnerships with climate action organizations

$10k - On-site filming approvals  

$15k - Music/soundtrack - song approvals/clearances

$20k - Finalize the screenplay (including script consultants)

$20k - Meetings with funders & film industry leaders

$20k - Moviement interns (10)

$100k - Total

Budget Overview

How the funds will be used 

With your support, we will: 

  1. Finalize the screenplay  

  2. Build the Empowerment Platform 

  3. Solidify the Moviement production team – producers, director, actors, crew.

Together, we can do this.
A big, heartfelt thank you for your support!

Let’s make a difference Together! 

                                                                                                                                       Donations are tax-deductible and made through our partner,

                                                                                                                                       Healthy Home Healthy Planet, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

By clicking the "Donate" button, you agree to be directed to a secure, external site to complete your donation.

As a special thank you for your donation

$500: 'THE MOVIEMENT' Hat & T-shirt

$1000: 'THE MOVIEMENT' Hat & T-shirt + Movie Credit as a 'Lead Sponsor'

$5000+: 'THE MOVIEMENT' Hat & T-shirt + Movie Credit + Day on the film set

Community Kapitol.jpg

The feature film premieres and the Moviement officially launches in late 2025 / early 2026. The audience will watch the movie and experience the emotional story of real people struggling with the consequences of a tipped climate. 

The Movie 

As the credits roll – when the audience is in the emotional state to take the climate actions that align with their values – they’re invited to the Empowerment Platform through a QR code to activate their power and take 3 easy climate actions.

Empowerment Platform 

Using our accessible platform, guests are invited to take easy and meaningful climate actions:  

1. Move the Message 
2. Move the Mandate 
3. Move the Money 



$25 / Signed ‘Thank You’ Card from The Moviement Production Team

$50 / Website listing as ‘Moviement Ambassador’

$100 / Free Download of Movie (upon official release)

$250 / Signed Early Prototype of Movie Poster (electronic)

$500 / The Moviement Hat & T-shirt 

$1000 / The Moviement Hat & T-shirt + Movie Credit as ‘Lead Sponsor’

$5000+ / The Moviement Hat & T-shirt + Movie Credit + Day on the Film Set


Meet Our Passionate Team

Message from the Producer

Why The Moviement?

 With our world teetering on the   brink of runaway climate   change,  we must rapidly build a   mass popular  movement   powerful enough to move our   political and   business leaders.

 The Moviement will create An   Unstoppable Wave of  People-   Powered Climate Action!

Please know that your donation is more than a monetary contribution, it is an investment in your family's future on this planet

Thank You! We are incredibly grateful for any contribution you can make!

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